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SWB605/SWC615 PowerMount Weigh Modules

Load Cell Diagnostics
To avoid bad batches and provide maximum uptime PowerMount weigh modules monitor individual load cells "real time" and provide alarms in case of a failure.  Load cell overload, drift and system symmetry are constantly monitored and logged. 

Highest Accuracy
For the highest product quality with minimum waste PowerMount Weigh Module PowerCells are available up to OIML 10000e, C10 accuracy level; three times more accurate than typical industrial load cells.  The built-in microprocessor compensates temperature, creep and linearity effects continuously - far beyond what analog load cells can achieve.

The product features
Capacity: From 110kg to 300T
Materials: Zinc Plated, 304, 316 stainless steel
Accuracy: OIML C3, C6, C10 NTEP 5.000d, 10.000d
Hazardous Approvals: ATEX, IECEx, FM, cFM, Nepsi
IP68/IP69K Protection Class

CalFree Plus - Weightless Calibration
PowerMount Weigh Modules support CalFree Plus, weightless calibration on a fingertip.  Compared to analog CalFree this method is more accurate with no risk of human calculation error . CalFree Plus even compensates for local gravity effects.  The PowerMount system has no junction boxes or cable effects to negatively impact accuracy.