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Advanced Weighing Platform PBA430x

Effective and Efficient Cleaning
The PBA430x weighing platforms are desigend for hygienic weighing applications in potentially explosive environments. This makes them well-suited for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries with high sanitary and safety requirements. Choose from a wide range of sizes and capacities.

Safety in Hazardous-Area Category 2GD
The PBA430x is designed for operation in  hazardous-area category 2GD (Zone 1/21, Division 1). The bench platforms comply with the latest hazardous-area regulations and ensure reliable and safe weighing in potentially explosive environments. 

Metrology in Focus
Even in the most demanding environments, the PBA430 platforms are characterized by reliable metrological performance. In legal-for-trade applications, you can benefit from the 2x3000e multi-range performance for all sizes and capacities (except A3 model).