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Advanced Scale ICS466x

Versatile and Compact with the Highest Precision
If you want to improve the efficiency or your weighing processes in hazardous areas, ICS466x is the right choice.

The highest accuracy in hazardous areas
ICS466x scales enable industry leading accuracy of up to 750,000d  in Zone1/21, Division 1. When tolerances are tight, these scales deliver the precision to ensure consistently accurate results without compromising safety.

Full versatility
Streamline your processes by managing two weighing platforms with one terminal. Select from a range of mounting options to improve the ergonomics of your workplace.
Faster manual weighing speed
The multi-color display indicates immediately if results are within tolerance. The ICS466x provides an internal database for storage of materials and results.  Easily  transfer data between safe and hazardous areas for documentation or label-printing purposes.