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GWP® – Good Weighing Practice™

Good Weighing Practice (GWP) is a global standard that ensures consistent accuracy, quality and compliance in any weighing process. Established in 2007 by METTLER TOLEDO, GWP is a standardized methodology for the secure selection, calibration and operation of weighing equipment. GWP’s risk-based approach ensures that all your balances and scales meet your own accuracy requirements and adhere to quality standards such as ISO, GMP and GLP. It is applicable to new or existing weighing equipment from any manufacturer in any industry or workplace.
Good Weighing Practice is part of Good Measuring Practices by METTLER TOLEDO. It is a global program supporting you in quality assurance measures in laboratory and production environments. 

GWP® Verification
Unique service certifies the accuracy of new or existing equipment from any manufacturer
GWP® Recommendation
Science-based qualification to ensure you select the right scale or balance for your process
SOP Consulting
Establish or modernize your procedures to integrate balance and scale quality management according to the latest global standards